BBQ & Buffet

With our years’ experience, we can help you create a fun, tasty proposal with a difference   that will surprise your guests.

Choose from one of our event and party menus and we can adapt it to best fit the format you had in mind (buffet style, food stations, long table, tapas party, etc …)

Included services

▪ Kitchen and waiter service
▪ Selected menu
▪ Household, tables, assembly and disassembly
▪ Coffee, tea and digestives
▪ Appetizers: jabugo croquettes / satay chicken skewers / gazpacho shot
▪ Drinks during the event (champagne, white and red wine, water, beer and soft drinks)

* 8 hours service includes1 hour welcome aperitif, 2.5 hours dinner, 3 hours open bar, 1.5h set up time (and an extra half hour as a courtesy for speeches)

Menus to choose

Ibicenco / Mediterranean

▪ Gazpacho
▪ Pan de es Pins (Ibicenco) with ¨all i oli¨
▪ Table of sausages and cheeses of the island with “costres”
▪ Peasant salad of peppers, tomatoes and onions
▪ Greek salad with feta and olives
▪ Squid of the island grilled with garlic and parsley
▪ Mussels ¨marinera¨ style
▪ Melon with ham
▪ Mixed Paella

▪ Fruit skewers
▪ Catalan cream
▪ Greixonera


▪ Nikkei Octopus Salad
▪ Satay chicken skewers
▪ Sushi and sashimi tasting
▪ Tuna tataki with wakame and cucumber
▪ Rice five delights
▪ Spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce
▪ Shabu-Shabu with shitake and udon

Desserts :
▪ Strawberry soup with yogurt foam and lime kefir
▪ Rice with coconut milk and lychis

Viva Italia

▪ Foccacia with rosemary
▪ Marinated balsamic tomatoes
▪ Table of Italian sausages and cheeses
▪ Capresse salad
▪ Penne to the arrabiatta
▪ Genoese pesto gnocchi
▪ Lasagna Parmeggianna
▪ Pizza 4 seasons

▪ Canolli Siciliano
▪ Tiramisu
▪ Panna Cotta

Our special barbecue

▪ Toasted Ibicenco bread
▪ All i oli sauces, chimichurri and ketchup
▪ Island olives seasoned with herbs
▪ Tomato, tuna and onion salad
▪ Roasted potatoes with garlic and rosemary
▪ Grilled vegetables
▪ Peeled chicken thighs with garlic and lemon
▪ Argentina entails
▪ Lamb chops with rosemary
▪ Grilled sausages
▪ Pork sausages

▪ Lemon sorbet with cava

Fish and seafood barbecue

▪ Bread
▪ Sauces all i oli i romesco
▪ Ibiza prawns
▪ Squid
▪ Octopus
▪ Golden or Sirvia
▪ Blue lobster
▪ Roasted potatoes
▪ Mandarin sorbet and vodka

Our open bar


▪ Cutty Sark Whisky
▪ Smirnoff Vodka
▪ Barceló Rum
▪ Tanqueray Gin
▪ White and red wine
▪ Estrella larger Beer

Soft drinks

▪ Coca-Cola
▪ Coca-Cola Light / Zero
▪ Orange Fanta
▪ Lemon Fanta
▪ Tonic
▪ Water

* Upgrade to premium open bar with exclusive premium makes for 7 eur per person/hour .

Do you have an idea of what you want?

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