Vegetarian Menus

Our 3 course menu

Services Included

▪ Kitchen and waiter service
▪ All tableware, set up and clear out
▪ 1 hour of aperitif with cava
▪ Drinks during the aperitif and dinner: Cava, water, soft drinks and beer
▪ Your three-course menu of choice
▪ Coffee, tea and liquors
▪ Three hours of open bar
▪ Late night snack (calculated for 50% of the guests)

* 8 hours service includes1 hour welcome aperitif, 2.5 hours dinner, 3 hours open bar, 1.5h set up time (and an extra half hour as a courtesy for speeches)


▪ Cream of roasted pumpkin with crème fraiche and raspberries
▪ Courgette skewer in tempura with rocket pesto
▪ Broccoli and goat’s cheese Croquettes
▪ Crudités with Tzatziki and babaganoush dips


▪ Endive salad with ricotta, orange and walnuts
▪ Watermelon, feta cheese and red onion salad with sesame seeds
▪ Aubergine carpaccio with tahini vinaigrette and red currants
▪ Beetroot, gorgonzola, and walnuts tartare with guacamole
▪ Kale Caesar salad Punto Gastro style
▪ Homemade sweet potato ravioli with pistachio and blackberry praline


▪ Vegetarian mixed BBQ
▪ Vegan burger
▪ Cannelloni with tofu, mushrooms and quinoa
▪ Creamy pumpkin, lemon and ginger rice.
▪ Stuffed roasted miso aubergine with quinoa with a touch of mint and yogurt
▪ Classic parmigiana lasagne
▪ Green spinach and kale rice with wild mushrooms, radishes and parmesan


▪ Ibizan yogurt with nuts and honey
▪ Creamy mango and ginger flan with red berries and cream cubes
▪ Mini banana Tatin with mascarpone ice cream

Our wines


▪ José Pariente (D.O Verdejo)
▪ Perro verde (D.O Rueda)


▪ La Dhalia (D.O , Penedés ecológico)
▪ Pasión Bobal 2017


▪ Emilio Moro Finca Resalso (D.O Ribera del Duero)
▪ López de Haro Crianza (Tempranillo y Garnacha, D.O. Rioja)


▪ Agustí Torrelló Mata

* Upgrade your wine list with our Premium wines such as Pago de los capellanes red, Whispering Angel rosé or Bolandrade white, added cost for this service per person or why not ask us to find for you your favourite wines, sure we will find them!!!

Our Open Bar


▪ Cutty Sark whisky
▪ Smirnoff Vodka
▪ Barceló Rum
▪ Tanqueray Gin
▪ White and red wine
▪ Estrella larger Beer


▪ Coca-Cola
▪ Coca-Cola Light / Zero
▪ Orange Fanta
▪ Lemon Fanta
▪ Tonic
▪ Water

* After the 3 hours of open bar, every extra our will be charged at 10 euros per person and hour calculated on 40% of the initial guests.
* Upgrade to premium open bar with the exclusive premium makes for a supplement of 7 EUR per person/hour.

Children's Menu

To get started

▪ Mini veggie-pizzas

Main dish

▪ Macaroni with tomato and basil or seitan with mashed potatoes


▪ Chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream

(up to 12 years old)
* Menu also includes tableware, service, set up and drinks.

Late Night Snack


▪ Fruit skewers
▪ Mini Croissants


▪ Vegetable Tempura with romesco
▪ Hot chocolate with churros

* The late night snack is usually served after the first two hours of open bar and can be prepared for all the guests or only a part, but not less than half.


Our dishes are available too for those with food intolerance or allergies with no added cost. Please, do not forget to mention it to our staff, at least, 3 days in advance.

Extra services

Premium gin service

Follow the trends of the moment and add a Special Gin & T. to your menu. This option includes 3 gins to choose from:
▪ A. Brookman`s (with red berries) or Seagram’s (with nutmeg and lime, or orange and vanilla)
▪ B. Bulldog (with juniper berries, lemon peel, liquorice candy and poppy seeds) or Bombay Sapphire (with juniper berries, peppercorns, lemon and orange peel)
▪ C. Martin Miller’s (with juniper berries, lime peel, liquorice and a few orange blossom drops) or Plymouth (with juniper berries and lemon peel).

* All are served in a balon glass and with Schweppes tonic or Fever Tree.

Candy bar

Our rustic candy cart will delight the sweetest tooth and sweeten your evening at any desired moment. It includes:
▪ Assorted marshmallow candy and sweets for the little ones and the sweet ones
▪ Delicious Nutella crepes made in the moment with banana , walnuts and honey
▪ Ice creams and sorbets of your choice

* Option only available for events of at least 60 guests

Set up

Our service includes:

White Chiavari Chair, round table for 10 people, high bistro tables (1 every 15/20 guests), table linens in white, aperitif bar area, white porcelain placement plate, white napkin.

*To add any modifications to the set up please consult with us!

Menú tasting

Once the event has been confirmed we offer you a free Menu tasting. For 2 people in events of up to 80 guests, for 4 in events between 80 and 150 guests and for 6 people in event of over 150 guests. The tasting includes the house wine selection. We will charge any other wine that is not included in the house wine selection.

Do you have an idea of what you want?

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